About Us

About Grandyworldwide
Grandyworldwide, founded by Carsten Grandy-Richardon, is an homage to heritage and an exploration of the endless possibilities of artistic expression. Rooted in the wisdom passed down from his late father, Byron Grandy-Richardson, our brand redefines the boundaries of fashion, music, and design, seamlessly blending artistry with streetwear.

Our Vision
Guided by our roots and fueled by ambition, Grandyworldwide is more than a brand; it's a mantra that propels us toward creative excellence and unwavering growth. We celebrate diverse cultures, cherish personal stories, and weave a global narrative of individuality and self-expression. At our core, we treasure the human experience, weaving art, culture, and life into designs that inspire and tell stories.

Embrace the Beauty of the Past, the Energy of the Present
We invite you to embrace the beauty of the past and the energy of the present as we forge ahead with authenticity, integrity, passion, purpose, love, and inspiration. Join us on this journey where art, life, and dreams converge, and creativity flourishes beyond the boundaries of fashion.

Carsten Grandy-Richardson: The Creative Force
Carsten Grandy-Richardson, the visionary behind Grandyworldwide, is an artist whose journey through life has been nothing short of remarkable. Born in Lancaster, CA, and raised in the vibrant city and culture of Raleigh, NC, Carsten's profound connection to heritage and his passion for pushing artistic boundaries have shaped the very foundation of Grandyworldwide.

A Passion for Art and Creativity
From a young age, Carsten displayed an innate talent for creativity and a deep appreciation for artistry. His artistic journey began as a means of self-expression and a tribute to his late father, Byron Grandy-Richardson, serving as a wellspring of inspiration that fuels his artistic endeavors.

Rooted in Heritage
Carsten's upbringing in Raleigh, NC, provided fertile soil for the fusion of heritage and modernity that defines his work. He seamlessly integrates the rich tapestry of his childhood experiences with a contemporary, dynamic spirit, creating a narrative that is both nostalgic and forward-looking.

A Visionary in Fashion, Music, and Design
As the creative force behind Grandyworldwide, Carsten redefines the boundaries of fashion, music, and design. His unique ability to blend artistry with streetwear offers a fresh perspective that transcends traditional labels, appealing not only to creative enthusiasts but also to those who appreciate the artistry within street culture.

Inspiring Growth and Purpose
Carsten's mission is clear: to inspire passion, purpose, and growth in those who engage with his work. His art and creations are more than mere products; they are catalysts for personal transformation. His inspirational messaging resonates with those who seek meaning beyond material possessions.

A Journey of Authenticity and Love
Carsten Grandy-Richardson's commitment to authenticity and love is woven into the fabric of Grandyworldwide. His genuine passion for what he creates reflects his unwavering dedication to transparency and ethical values. He believes in the power of art to connect, uplift, and foster a sense of community.

Join the Journey
Carsten Grandy-Richardson's artistic journey is a testament to the enduring power of creativity, heritage, and the human spirit. Rooted in Raleigh, NC, his vision continues to evolve and inspire. As an artist and visionary, he invites you to join him on a journey of self-expression, discovery, and the boundless possibilities of art. Explore the captivating universe of Grandyworldwide, where heritage meets modernity, and authenticity finds harmony with love.